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Your Rhinoplasty All you need to know about nasal surgery

  • You’ve never liked your nose?
  • Maybe it’s too big?
  • Having trouble breathing through one or both nostrils?
  • Did your nose suffer a trauma that may have made it look crooked?
  • Have you already had surgery, but aren’t satisfied with the outcome?
If you answered “yes” even only once, then this little book is for you.
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Basic Open Rhinoplasty

Principles and Practical Steps for Surgeons in Training

Expressly designed for surgeons in training who are new to nasal open rhinoplasty

Written in a clear, didactic style by an expert in the field with considerable teaching experience

Provides step-by-step procedures, from first contact with new patient to the last postoperative clinical control

Includes a proven method for clinical facial analysis and a guide to creating a complete set of digital images for second visits